Jithender rao thanugula

Jithender rao thanugula

National chief patron

Key line times

Leadership is none other than the manifestation of selfless service. Every one of us can embrace such service and selflessness. We are surrounded by opportunities to serve. In fact, our real constitutional position is of an eternal servant of God. When we realise that we — the souls — are tiny fragments of God’s energy, we naturally serve His creation to honour Him. While doing so, with love and devotion, we enrich our life and evolve. Leaders who dedicate their lives to the service of humankind, do not find themselves in that noble position by chance. They cultivate compassionate thoughts in their mind, and the energy of those accumulated thoughts result in their performing heroic deeds of service. When such leaders are in the forefront, India will be naturally strengthened and uplifted in morality, selflessness, and spirituality. If our elected leaders set about sowing their seeds of service with vigour and determination, they are bound to harvest lasting peace and prosperity.
Namaskar, have an excellent day

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